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Σάββατο, 20 Οκτωβρίου 2012

An introduction to crystals

By Phoenix Tzu
Aquamarine is a stone of the Element of water. It’s name comes from the Latin meaning , “ water of the sea” and it is a good one as it describes the colour and feel of the crystals. Some are clear, transparent blue, luminous; while others are a sparkling sea-foam blue and others still are greenish-blue in colour. Aquamarine is a powerful stone in a magickal sense as it can really help males to express their feelings and removes emotional numbness. Aquamarine can calm you down when you are frustrated, and helps in keeping your temper under control, even when you have been provoked ; having the effect of allowing one to more easily keep one’s emotions in balance.
This little stone is the stone of communication, and activates the throat chakra.
As with many other crystals, Aquamarine can help with physical ailments as well as the metaphysical. Use it to quiet the nervous system, and to sort out any infections of the throat such as laryngitis. On an emotional level, it calms everything down, helping one to release unnecessary and harmful emotions or feelings.
Aquamarine is a stone which has a deeply clearing and cleaning energy.
The Source of Life energies, The Goddess, can be reached very easily by using this crystal as a gateway. It connects directly with the Divine Feminine.
Aquamarine was also known as Smaragdos in ancient times and is the dwelling-place of the Queen of Zemargad, also known as Na’amah, the sister, or manifestation of, Lilith.
Hematite is of the element of earth. This stone is used on the root chakra to ground oneself in the body. The name Hematite derives from the Greek word for blood.
The most common form of Hematite is magnetized hematite which is usually sold in polished bead form. Holding a pair of Hematite magnets or stones has the effect of balancing out the magnetic field of your body.
For those who are drained of energy for some or other reason, these magnets will protect the energy field of the body. Try placing the stones on the front and back of each chakra to re-align and clear the energy in the chakras and bring back balance to the energy body.
If you find that after taking in high-frequency energy (such as when working with crystals like moldavite), that sometimes you have headaches, pains or are feeling unbalanced, the magnets will restore and regulate the body’s magnetic field.
Hematite magnets also help in stimulating healing minor injuries such as sprains , muscle tears and will stop the flow of blood when held on or near a wound.
To wake up the entire nervous system and literally jump-start your chakras, place magnets on all of the main chakra points for a while while lying flat on the ground and after relaxing the body completely using deep rhythmic breathing .
This stone is very good for cultivating, balancing and re-energizing the energy field and as a magnet, also has the helpful feature of being able to help in drawing energies and whatever else one may desire – prosperity, health, success and whatever else is good for one as an individual, into one’s own energy body.
Another name for Bloodstone is Heliotrope, meaning “ Sun-turner”. This stone is a true gem of Magick , having the power to remove all unwanted influences or attachments in one’s auric field. It oozes with well-being and purifies the energy field steadily if it is carried around with you.
When obstacles come in your way, Bloodstone will help you to make the right decision and clear your mind’s eye to the truth. When that feeling of discouragement pops up, and we get that wavering in our chosen path, this stone will help to set us right again very quickly. We Pagans often feel abandoned, alienated or lonely because of the spiritual path we have chosen.Try meditating with even a small, polished stone for a while or even just holding the gem and it is truly wonderful to feel the vibes of the spiritual warrior returning. The feelings of loneliness are just an illusion, as SomeOne will tell you as you connect to the Divine and we are reminded that we are never really alone.
Bloodstone also has some incredible healing and regulating properties. Women will find that the gem will balance out the hormone imbalances that happen during menopause and is useful for all sorts of other blood disorders. It works at the very source of the blood production centre of the body, ie. the bone marrow, and helps in cases of anaemia and strengthens the blood. If you exercise regularly you will find that bloodstone helps with endurance during the run , walk or dance and with recovery after a session.
Use Bloodstone for the Root Chakra as it is an Earth element stone.
Carnelian has been prized for centuries, as without the vitality of physical energies, one cannot enjoy life in many ways.
This is a stone of vitality, confidence, sexuality and leadership – carrying or wearing carnelian will lend fire to one’s actions in every way.
Carnelian varies in color from dark red to reddish-orange and shades of orange.
Ereshkigal, the Sumerian Goddess of the Underworld (Summerlands) sat on a carnelian throne; and ancients used Carnelian before battle, for courage. If one has a problem with public speaking, or gets that terrible knot in the stomach before making a speech or presentation, working with carnelian will lend courage and help to maintain control of those butterflies, so that one can use this nervous energy positively instead.
When we neglect the physical , the result is that we neglect the temple within which our soul lives. Overall energy levels drop and one becomes more vulnerable to injuries, especially when the years add up, if there is not a healthy, strong and resilient shell to carry one through. Carnelian also helps in detoxifying the system.
Carnelian boosts the flow of vital life force in the body and is used on the Root chakra, the Sexual chakra, and the Solar plexus chakra, filling one’s etheric and physical bodies with vigour and lust for those things that help to create the life we love.
Carnelian is of the Element of Fire, and we who love sex and wish to enhance the body’s desire on the path to Divine ecstasy, can be assured of Carnelian to help and assist the flow of energies. Enjoy!
Please excuse this if you are already experienced in working with crystals, but for those just beginning this incredible journey I would offer these guidelines :
Crystals are not just any old rocks, but should be respected as any other sentient being should be, especially those with metaphysical powers. Crystals are Devas in their own right and their powers and what they can do must not be underestimated.
When first buying a crystal, let your intuition guide you and go with your instincts. Don’t choose a crystal because of it’s looks alone but rather on how it feels to you. Often it is a great help to take a pendulum along with you to the crystal shop in order to find the right crystal more easily.
Clean the crystal in clean, cool running water and/or a purifying incense such as Cannabis or Sage as soon as you return home and your new ally is ready to get to know you! It is a good idea to clean the gems after each time they are used, for healing especially. Incense is very good – so is a candle flame, but don’t burn yourself or your crystals while doing it.
Carry the stones in a velvet bag or similar soft type material with a drawstring to prevent damage when around and about.If the first couple of stones soon turn into a big collection, which has a funny way of happening, try arranging them in a spiral shape or in various special places around the house, just don’t put them away in a drawer or worse, jumble them up together in a pot or overcrowd them. Crystals have unique energy signatures and just as you can’t plant a cabbage near a Boston Ivy vine, so a water element stone shouldn’t be kept together with a fire element stone for long periods of time.
If a supercomputer can operate with a couple of chip-sized crystals, just imagine how much potential a lump-sized clear quartz crystal has. Crystals can be programmed, and transfer, store and transmit energy both ways and for this reason are often to be found on the handle and tip of Witches’ wands. So don’t point the tip of a crystal wand at someone unless you are really sure of your intent, because crystals concentrate and focus energy very effectively . Keep crystal wands pointing away from computers or disks.
The energy of your every thought, word or deed , cemented with willpower, works magick but if you add crystal clarity and focus to your actions, results are guaranteed. As with all forms of magick, the laws of cause and effect apply but with crystals one has to be even more sure of the possible effects the magick will have on the subject – crystals really work – and as a guide, practice the Harm none rule.
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“The Book of Stones – Who they are & what they teach” By Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian with contributions by Hazel Raven. Heaven and Earth Publishing LLC, East Montpelier, Vermont


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